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6City Talk Shop Flyer: Personal Branding, Entrepreneurship, Networking

Personal Branding, Entrepreneurship, & Networking
This third session in our series is exciting for many reasons! But let’s start with the fact that our hosts epitomize our topic respectfully. These women are ready to hold down the barbershop with dominance just like they have with their journeys in this fire-side chat with Nate from 6City.

Special Host Instigators:
Lauren Cambell – Founder of Common Media Group. She collaborates to build, develop, and move both brands and individuals forward in their dedicated craft. She is the BTS Olivia Pope of her industry!

Kat Torres – Founder of Box Power Ent. and solidified public figure in the media and entertainment industry who has created a well-know brand for herself so powerful that she partners with major labels independently to propel brands and initiatives. Slight Rockstar Vibes, she’s doing things!

6City Talk Shop Topics Flyer

The Jist
6City™ Talk shop is a social concept where minds gather in an unconventional atmosphere to comfortably talk and socialize on mature and integral topics. It’s meant to make us feel together and supportive and provide a unique night out. Each session is lead by hand picked people whose main job is to instigate conversation and good energy!

Topic List:
Purpose, vision, career
Digestible Risks and financial growth for millennials
Dating & relationships in Toronto
Entrepreneurship, networking, and personal branding
EQ, mental wellness, work life balance

6City Talk Shop Purpose, Vision, Career Flyer

Purpose, Vision, Career

Sunny Verma: Co-founder of TutorBright, Toronto Mogul Award Winner, “Think and grow rich” trademark owner.
Nate Johnson: Founder of 6City Barbershop & brands, Experienced FinTech Software Engineer, Entrepreneur.

A no BS talk about understanding how our purpose aligns with our visions that can ultimately lead to a career. This talk was deep and touched on many levels – mainly exploring self. Sunny and Nate broke down how their experiences, visions, and trials ultimately lead their business decisions.

6City Talk Shop DRFG

Digestible Risk & Financial Growth

Matthew Laing: Co-founder of Foundation Physiotherapy, Ranked #1 twice in Toronto
Ryan Adams: Founder of Blitz Marketing, Patented Marketing Innovator, Serial Entrepreneur

A no BS talk about real world risks in navigating everyday life. The guys shared heartfelt experiences about their lives and the risks they have taken along the way. Most importantly, we talked about being an over-comer and how to mitigate risks as we learn in life!